Monica Williams, MD

Physician in the United States

Monica Williams, MD

Physician in the United States

Dr. Monica is an award-winning writer and captivating national speaker. Her focus is bio-psycho-social-spiritual support for the dying, their loved ones, and the healthcare systems which serve them. Need to stir your crowd? Have her keynote your next event!

2019 Events:

Feb 27, Huntsville Leadership Forum

March 4, Redstone Physicians Appreciation Gala

March 6, Decatur First Baptist Church

March 8, Alabama Physicians Assistant Annual Conference

March 16, American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Care Annual Symposium

March 20, IANDS Gulf Coast

March 26, CB&S Bank Banquet

April 5, Sivananda, Bahamas

Apr 16, University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine, Grand Rounds, The Gift of Hospice

June 6, Vail Symposium, Vail CO

June 7, Conscious Dying in the Clinical Setting, Salt Lake City, UT

July 30, IANDS Maui, HI

Oct 8, Middlesex Hospital, CT

Oct 9, CT Hospice and Palliative Care Nurses Association Annual Conference

Oct 11, IANDS Farmington, CT

Dec 11, Hospice Family Care, Lunch and Learn

She needs a TED talk to show more audiences."
Big Bend Hospice, Florida
She is a leading force in imploring the healthcare community to begin reassessing heroic measures. With a compelling and entertaining style and stories that will never fail to move her audience, she suggests that patients and their families routinely make uninformed decisions (at the end of life)".
Spotlight on Movers and Shakers, NATURAL TRANSITIONS vol 3 issue 3
I so very much enjoyed your NHPCO presentation. In fact, it was the best material I've seen in years!"
Bruce Birnberg, Executive Director, THE MARTIN AND EDITH STEIN HOSPICE, NJ